Is Studying in Northern Ireland a Good Idea?


Northern Ireland is a beautiful country rich with its mythical culture and history. Studying in Northern Ireland is a brilliant choice for international students to study because of Northern Ireland’s top-class educational system. Northern Ireland is a blend of natural beauty with happy people complemented by its remarkable heritage. Students across the globe come to study in Northern Ireland, including China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the US.

Northern Ireland has leading universities that offer various disciplines strongly linked with industry assuring the education system contributes to employability. Northern Ireland is a safe and affordable country that offers an excellent quality of life. Northern Ireland also offers hundreds of scholarships and funding programmes that attract top talent. Before making any good decision, and one must know certain elements, among which money and quality education are top. You must know how much money you will need to study in Northern Ireland. This article will help you better understand the situation and make decisions based on your circumstances and requirements.

Historical Background:

Though Ireland is a very small country, you can travel within seven to eight hours. Ireland is two countries in one, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. One hundred years ago, entire Ireland was a country under UK rule. There was a bit of disagreement, so independent Ireland was established, and Northern Ireland remained under UK rule as there was much support for UK rule. There is no border between these two countries, and people can move around, live, and work. But North Ireland still used British Pounds, whereas the Republic of Ireland uses Euros. The road signs in both countries are in English and Irish Gaelic.

Northern Ireland is divided into six counties, offering a vibrant range of attractions. They include:

  • Belfast
  • Ards and North Down
  • Antrim and Newtownabbey
  • Causeway Coast and Glens
  • Derry City and Strabane
  • Armagh City, Banbridge, and Craigavon
  • Lisburn and Castlereagh
  • Fermanagh and Omagh
  • Mid and East Antrim
  • Mid-Ulster
  • Newry, Mourne, and Downe

If you walk around, you will explore plenty of things that will attract your attention. One of the most interesting cities is Belfast. It ravishes the Mourne Mountains, where Northern Ireland’s tallest peak, Slieve Donard, is located. Out of the cities, there is much more to explore about Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is easy to get around as it has a population of 2,000,000 across 14,130 km2. Northern Ireland country is an unmatched combination of races, faiths, languages, and accents. This same diversity is visible on campuses where anyone can see tolerance and inclusion of a diverse population.

Customs, Cultures, and Events

Northern Ireland has always been a place of attraction for tourists. It has witnessed various festivals, traditions, and sports events. Because of Northern Ireland’s historical and aw-struck, it has gathered the attention of the media industry, ultimately contributing to its popularity. This country is filled with hospitable people and with welcoming nature. Their most popular foods are Ulster fry, Fish n Chips, and Banger and Mash.

Top-quality Education System

In terms of education, Northern England offers a high-quality education system that produces various renowned personalities in different fields. Northern Ireland has many schools, colleges, and universities that have created international, competent talent.

Below are some details about the universities, colleges, and schools:

  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • Ulster University
  • Open University in Northern Ireland
  • St Mary’s University College
  • Southern Regional College
  • Northern Regional College
  • Stranmillis University College
  • South Eastern Regional College
  • North West Regional College
  • Belfast Metropolitan College
  • South West College
  • College of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Enterprise
  • Five Boarding Schools (Offering GCSEs and A-levels).

Northern Ireland’s most iconic University is Ulster University, welcoming international students from numerous countries. It is considered among the top 25% of universities. Additionally, 72% of research is considered top-class internationally. University research focuses on social renewal, health communities, sustainability, creativity, and culture. Queen’s University also offers globally recognised research, leading to various awards.

Besides an exceptional education system, the environment of universities is very cooperative and inclusive. Ulster’s University has four campuses, in Belfast, Jordanstown, Magee, and Coleraine covering 2700 students. Queen’s University offers one of the best facilities on campus, covering various subjects, such as business, health science laboratories, engineering, and computing. You need to undergo quizzes, assignment writing, and final exams.

Flexible Visa and Application Regulations

Suppose you are applying as an international student. In that case, it is best to check the process and date of admission before starting any process, as most international studnets require a visa to study. For that purpose, you must check out the global website’s relevant section, whether you need a study visa or not. Identify your areas of interest and select the course you wish to pursue, including transcripts, degree certificates, English language qualification, and a statement of purpose. Usually, the academic year starts in September, with the first semester ending at Christmas and the second starting at the end of January.

Moreover, the new regulations will help you to work flexibly. A new post-study visa permit will allow you to work in the UK for two years after your Master’s degree and three years after the completion of your PhD.

Affordable Place to Live

Living standard, along with the quality of life, is very affordable to attain in Northern Ireland. Ulster University offers competitive support for international students. Belfast is the third cheaper than London and better value for money than Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Newcastle. You can have a greater budget for social activities, including movies, gyming, food, and travel.

Financial Incentives and Attractions 

Northern Ireland offers special financial incentives as a place of study. The students who are residents of Northern Ireland or the EU (excluding Scotland, Wales, and England) have paid most of their tuition fees. Queen’s University also offers scholarships that decrease most of the tuition fees. Northern Ireland’s Universities are accepted all over the world. You can have various employment opportunities as a result of booming economic growth.


Northern Ireland is a great place to start your academic career. You will get exposure to so many cultures at once. Most of the universities are research-based and well-reputed across the globe. So there are high chances of you getting a profound professional career.

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